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Shumak — the place of Strength and Health

High in the mountains of the Eastern Sayans, hidden between gorges and blue waterfalls Shumak is located. Its territory is in Oka municipal region of the Buryat republic – “the pearl of Siberia” or “ Small Tibet” as it is also called.

There is an exceptionally friendly and kind atmosphere at Shumak. People are tactful and careful to each other, always ready to give a helpful hand. You will not hear a single rude word when you are here. It is said that significant amount of biological energy emanates at Shumak. This positive information has been accumulating here for hundreds of years (Shumak is known to the locals since the 12th century) and is read by the human energy field that joins the energy exchange with the Nature.

Everyone, who has ever visited this holy place, is willing to return here to feel the might and the grandeur of the mountains, to hear the music of the life-giving water. Shumak is famous for its healing mineral springs that were formed during the last geological age and are the most difficult to reach in our planet. Great number of legends were created about the effect of Shumak healing water.

The healing effect of Shumak mineral springs is extraordinary. Here miracles happen and hopes come true. Despair gives way to joy and gratitude to heavens. Sufferers get cured. Barren ones - the opportunity to have children and continue their family lines.

“A little bird told me” as the saying goes – and people come here from all

over the planet: travel on foot, ride on horses and fly to this wonderful, holy

mountain paradise in the sky. They want to get in touch with Eternity, receive

Strength and Health, hear the ringing silence, breath aroma of forest herbs.

Shumak cures not only a body but a soul. The emanations of biological

energy, powerful healing effect of springs, trust in the wisdom of the nature

bring real wonders to pass. Free from many sufferings people leave this place

reborn, enjoying life in its different aspects.

Previously sacred and secret now Shumak becomes well-known and open.

Thousands of people come here to ask for help and recovery. Fresh mountain

air, alpine landscapes and unique energy emanations help people to rehabilitate

and acquire new strengths.


Everywhere in the valley one can find words of gratitude cut on the

wooden plates. They are simple and go from the heart: “Thank you, Shumak!”

Here is the expressive and poetic scheme of Nature therapies by doctor

G.I. Songolov (Buryatya): “Here everything is curing: a colorful butterfly flying, a longliving cedar standing on the edge of a cliff, clean beach sand and a giant rock,

a riffle of a river and pine forest, sunrise and sunset. Here are some types of

healing methods. Luretherapy – cures by things that always fiercly, passionately

attract and beckon. Visiotherapy – revitalizes body and soul by means of

beautiful landscapes, fabulous views. Audiotherapy – heals both by absolute

silence and unique sounds. Aquatherapy – a treatment by water: water from

mineral springs, from brooks, from lakes, from rivers. Airtherapy – is the main

balneological factor. It stimulates all systems of human body, arouse poetic, fine

and other gifts, and the talent of Love as well”.

The remoteness of Shumak let it remain untouched. Miraculous springs

gently gurgle, talk over in the middle of the wild Sayan taiga accompanied by

various bird songs.

Those, who are already in love with Shumak, will find a lot of new

information from this book. And those who have only heard of Shumak, but

not visit it yet – will definitely want to see this place.

Getting information from source materials is always interesting: source

materials preserve the scent of time, carry thoughts, voices and discoveries of

people who came to Shumak as researches. They let us know their ideas and


This book is a tribute to those who opened a way to healing springs for

people and now is continuing to make significant investments and efforts for

letting people get to Shumak, rest there in comfort, achieve their goals and who

keep this place in its absolute purity.

The Book content:

1. Shumak – the place of Strength and Health

2. Geological Formation of the Valley

3. The first explorers of The Shumak

4. Scientific studies of The Shumak Spring Water

5. The location of the springs

6. The chemical content of the springs

7. The therapeutic properties of Shumak Mineral Water

8. How to consume water for healing

9. Shumak flora

10. Shumak fauna

11. Shumak climate

12. Shumak sightseeings

13. Why people leave gifts by the springs?

14. legends about The Shumak

15. How do you get to The Shumak?

16. Accomodation

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The Shumak Wilderness Eco Retreat

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